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Bubble and Squeek for 13 Nov 2023

Anthology Forthcoming: December 12th release date, The Reinvented Detective anthology with fabulous people like Premee Mohamed, Seanan McGuire, and Harry Turtledove!

Class: Last class of the year: Class: Body Language and Description As Genre. This is one of my most popular classes. Excellent for short fiction and long. Spots and scholarships still available!

D&D Campaign Ending: It was an epic end to a multi-year campaign. As told by players in the game on BlueSky (must be logged in)… Wing’s perspective and Seanan’s perspective.

EVENT – Reading: I will be reading with David D. Levine at the University Bookstore on Nov 21. I will be representing the Reinvented Anthology series, The Reinvented Heart and The Reinvented Detective. David will be reading from his new book: The Kuiper Belt Job. Here’s the EventBrite event listing and the Facebook event listing.

Local Bookstore: I finally had the chance to visit Brick & Mortar Book store in Redmond. The store is beautiful and friendly. The staff is a delight. This is where to get my signed books for the holidays. Personalized, even.

Shoutout: I highly recommend Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon by Wole Talabi. I am savoring this book like a woman who savors a favorite cocktail—with great appreciation without being too serious. (Though, I am pondering some of the techniques Talabi uses as a writer to steal.)  

Virtual Panel: December 4th! Deceptions and Death: Talking Thrillers. It includes me and other fabulous authors.

Support: As always… if you appreciate my work and would like to support me, I love coffee. I am made of caffeine. This is the quickest way to brighten my day.

Meet Jennifer Brozek

Jennifer Brozek is a multi-talented, award-winning author, editor, and media tie-in writer. She is the author of Never Let Me Sleep and The Last Days of Salton Academy, both of which were nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. Her BattleTech tie-in novel, The Nellus Academy Incident, won a Scribe Award. Her editing work has earned her nominations for the British Fantasy Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the Hugo Award. She won the Australian Shadows Award for the Grants Pass anthology, co-edited with Amanda Pillar. Jennifer’s short form work has appeared in Apex Publications, Uncanny Magazine, Daily Science Fiction, and in anthologies set in the worlds of Valdemar, Shadowrun, V-Wars, Masters of Orion, and Predator.

Jennifer has been a full-time freelance author and editor for over seventeen years, and she has never been happier. She keeps a tight schedule on her writing and editing projects and somehow manages to find time to teach writing classes and volunteer for several professional writing organizations such as SFWA, HWA, and IAMTW. She shares her husband, Jeff, with several cats and often uses him as a sounding board for her story ideas. Visit Jennifer’s worlds at or her social media accounts on LinkTree.

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I will be at Origins Game Fair this next week. I have a no shyness zone around me. Come over and say hello. I have 10 panels or I will be in the Library section (back left) of the Dealers Hall. Make sure you get one of my convention cards. It’s a good one! Thursday, Jun 12, 11am – Writer’s Block and You    Thursday, Jun 12, 12pm – Storytelling and Plot    Thursday, Jun 12, 4pm – Women in Fiction    ===================Friday, Jun 13, 12pm – History in Fiction    ===================Saturday, Jun 14, 11am – Writing Tie-In Fiction    Saturday, Jun 14, 12pm – Anthology Creation Workshop    ===================Sunday, Jun 15, 10am – Writing for RPGs    Sunday, Jun 15, 11am – Pitch Session for Small Press    Sunday, Jun 15, 1pm – What’s the Next Big Thing?