Jennifer Brozek
Wordslinger & Optimist!

Jennifer Brozek is a Hugo Award nominated editor and Bram Stoker nominated author. Winner of the Australian Shadows Award for best edited publication, Jennifer has edited fifteen anthologies with more on the way, including the acclaimed Chicks Dig Gaming and Shattered Shields anthologies. Author of Apocalypse Girl Dreaming, Industry Talk, the Karen Wilson Chronicles, and the acclaimed Melissa Allen series, she has more than sixty-five published short stories, and is the Creative Director of Apocalypse Ink Productions.

Jennifer is a freelance author for numerous RPG companies. Winner of the Scribe, Origins, and ENnie awards, her contributions to RPG sourcebooks include Dragonlance, Colonial Gothic, Shadowrun, Serenity, Savage Worlds, and White Wolf SAS. Jennifer is the author of the award winning YA Battletech novel, The Nellus Academy Incident, and Shadowrun novella, Doc Wagon 19. She has also written for the AAA MMO Aion and the award winning videogame, Shadowrun Returns.

When she is not writing her heart out, she is gallivanting around the Pacific Northwest in its wonderfully mercurial weather. Jennifer is a Director-at-Large of SFWA, and an active member of HWA and IAMTW. Read more about her at her blog or follow her on Twitter at @JenniferBrozek.

"I see story ideas. All the time. They're everywhere. Just walking around like normal ideas. They don't know they're stories."

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    The Last Days of Salton Academy, Young adult horror novel. Ragnarok Publications. October 2016. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Ragnarok Publications

    Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel.

  • The Idea That Just Won't Leave You Alone. I tell you a little secret about The Last Days of Salton Academy.
  • The End Days Have Come and Gone. On, I tell you where this novel is really set.
  • A meaty interview with Ginger Nuts of Horror where I was asked questions I've never been asked before.
  • Interview with Wag the Fox focused on YA fiction.

  • Slap Happy Fun Time review: “…this is the kind of novel that you simply don't read. It consumes you, it demands your attention just like a great novel should.”
  • Colonial Gothic: Lost Tales, RPG fiction collection. Rogue Games. April 2016. Amazon | DriveThruRPG | Rogue Games | iTunes
    Karen Wilson Chronicles, Urban Fantasy, omnibus of the Karen Wilson Chronicles series, Apocalypse Ink Productions, March 2016. Amazon | Barnes&Noble | DriveThruFiction | Apocalypse Ink Productions
    Never Let Me, YA SF-Thriller, omnibus of the Melissa Allen series, Permuted Press, January 2016. Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Permuted Press

    Includes the Bram Stoker nominated novel, Never Let Me Sleep.

  • John Scalzi's the Big Idea: Who I wrote Never Let Me for... It wasn't just for who I thought.
  • Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favorite Bit: Where Melissa realizes something about herself.
  • Never Let Me Die, YA SF-Thriller, Book three of the Melissa Allen series, Permuted Press, December 2015. Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Permuted Press

  • Jim Hines' Blog: Revealing Personal Details Through Your Writing
  • Never Let Me Leave, YA SF-Thriller, Book two of the Melissa Allen series, Permuted Press, November 2015. Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Permuted Press

  • Wag the Fox: Characters With a Mind of Their Own
  • When It Comes to Fighting Monsters: Why a Bat?
  • SF Spotlight Radio interview
  • Never Let Me Sleep, YA SF-Thriller, Book one of the Melissa Allen series, Permuted Press, October 2015. Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Permuted Press

    Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel.

  • SFSignal: Melissa Allen and Mental Illness
  • Five Things I Learned While Writing Never Let Me Sleep
  • Doc Wagon 19, Shadowrun novella, Catalyst Game Labs, March 2015. Amazon | BattleShop | DriveThruRPG

    Chimera Incarnate, novel, final book of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, Apocalypse Ink Productions, March 2015. Amazon | Apocalypse Ink Productions | DriveThruFiction

    Apocalypse Girl Dreaming, fiction collection, Evil Girlfriend Media, January 2015. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Evil Girlfriend Media

  • The Fantastic Librarian's review. She liked it.
  • Jazz Age Cthulhu, anthology, Innsmouth Free Press, December 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Innsmouth Free Press

    No True Way: All-New Tales of Valdemar, anthology, DAW, December 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble

  • The Arched Doorway's review. It has my favorite review line to date of any of my short stories.
  • Chicks Dig Gaming, non-fiction anthology, Mad Norwegian Press, November 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Mad Norwegian Press

    Shattered Shields, anthology, Baen Books, November 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Baen Books

    Keystones, novel, Apocalypse Ink Productions, April 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Apocalypse Ink Productions

    Bless Your Mechanical Heart, anthology, Evil Girlfriend Media, April 2014. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Evil Girlfriend Media

    The Nellus Academy Incident, YA Battletech novel, Catalyst Game Labs, January 2014. Amazon | DriveThruRPG | Battleshop | Barnes and Noble

  • review - 9 out of 10.
  • Elementary (All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters), anthology, DAW, December 2013. Amazon

  • Publisher's Weekly review - starred.
  • Coins of Chaos, anthology, Apocalypse Ink Productions, June 2013. EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing | Amazon

  • Bitten By Books review - Four Tombstones.
  • By Faerie Light, Broken Eye Books, December 2013. Broken Eye Books

    Blue Shift Magazine, #1, White Cat Publications, Juyl 2013. White Cat Publications

    Children of Anu, Book 2 of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, Apocalypse Ink Productions, June 2013. Apocalypse Ink Productions | Amazon

    HEROES! anthology, Origins Game Fair, June 2013. Collectable anthology with a limited print run.

    Beyond the Sun anthology, Fairwood Press, June 2013. Fairwood Press

    The New Hero Volume 2 anthology, Stone Skin Press, Feb 2013. Amazon | Stone Skin Press

    Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed anthology, Graveside Tales, Dec 2012. Amazon

    Caller Unknown, Book One of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, Apocalypse Ink Productions, Nov 2012. Apocalypse Ink Productions | Amazon

  • Reader Review - They really liked it. Five stars.
  • ideatrash Review - They enjoyed it quiet a bit.
  • Colonial Gothic: Locations, RPG supplement, Rogue Games, Oct 2012. Rogue Games | Amazon

  • RPG Resource Review - They liked it.
  • Dangers Untold, anthology, Alliteration Ink Publications, Oct 2012. Alliteration Ink | Amazon | Nook

  • Review by tothebonereivews - Four stars.
  • Review by Dark Media Online - They liked it.
  • GoodReads Reviews - Positive!
  • Industry Talk: An Insider's Look at Writing RPGs and Editing Anthologies, non-fiction, Apocalypse Ink Productions, May 2012. Amazon | Drive Thru Fiction | Nook

  • Review by Shroud of the Ancients - They liked it.
  • Review by Ideatrash - They really liked it.
  • The Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting, novella, Dark Quest Books, February 2012. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Dark Quest Books

  • Publisher's Weekly Review - A good one.
  • Curled Up reader review by Douglas R. Cobb - What a lovely review.
  • Westward Weird, anthology, DAW, February 2012. Amazon | Barnes & Noble
    Human for a Day, anthology, DAW, December 2011. Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • The Big Idea - Where I talk about the anthology.
  • Fresh Fiction Review - They liked it.
  • MyShelf.Com review - Liked it a lot.
  • Good Reads review - Liked it but thought it was too downbeat.
  • SFRevu Review - "Highly recommended"
  • Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar, anthology, DAW, December 2011. Amazon | Barnes & Noble

  • A Fantastical Librarian review - Discordance got a a shout out as a fresh voice and a good story.
  • Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds, anthology, Timid Pirate, December 2011. Amazon | GoodReads
    Space Tramps, anthology, Flying Pen Press, September 2011. Amazon | Flying Pen Press
    Apexology: Science Fiction & Fantasy, anthology, Apex Publications, August 2011. Amazon | Apex Publications
    Beast Within 2: Predator & Prey, anthology, Graveside Tales, July 2011. Amazon | Graveside Books
    Carnage & Consequences, anthology, Walkabout Publishing, July 2011. Amazon

  • GenCon 2011 Writer's Symposium anthology.
  • Showdown at Midnight, anthology, Science Fiction Trails, June 2011. Amazon

    No Man's Land, anthology, Dark Quest Books, May 2011. Amazon | Dark Quest Books

  • Interview with me about my story, "M.O.V.E.," in No Man's Land.
  • Curled Up with a Good Book review.
  • Human Tales, anthology, Dark Quest Books, March 2011. Amazon | Dark Quest Books

  • Reader review. Solid B review.
  • Reader review. Some liking, some not.
  • Night Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers, Vol 1, anthology, Wily Writers, February 2011. Amazon
    Beauty Has Her Way, anthology, Dark Quest Books, January 2011. Amazon | Dark Quest Books Store

  • Review by Douglas R. Cobb on
  • Review by Clare Deming on Science Fictiion and Other ODDysseys.
  • Review by Lyndsey Holder on Innsmouth Free Press.
  • Cthulhurotica, anthology, Dagan Books, December 2010. Amazon

  • Review by Rise Reviews
  • Rigor Amortis, anthology, Absolute Xpress, September 2010. Amazon

  • Review by Nick Bronson on Shock Totem.
  • Apexology: Horror, anthology, Apex Publications, September 2010. Amazon | Apex Book Store
    In a Gilded Light: 105 Tales of the Macabre, Dark speculative fiction collection, Dark Quest Books, July 2010. Amazon | Dark Quest Books Store

  • Interview with me from Dark Quest Books.
  • Shanghai Vampocalypse, Savage Worlds RPG book, Savage Mojo, July 2010. Amazon

  • Silver ENnie winner for Best Electronic Book 2011

  • Review on Flames Rising.
  • Review by a reader.
  • The Little Finance Book That Could, Non-fiction finance book on becoming debt free, Lean Marketing Press, June 2010. Amazon
    Maschine Zeit, Space Horror RPG book, Machine Age Productions, June 2010. DriveThruRPG
    Snipe Hunting, short fiction, Apex Digest, April 2010. Apex Digest

  • Review round up from LiveJournal.
  • Close Enounters of the Urban Kind, anthology, Apex Publications, April 2010. Apex Book Store

  • Frames of Reference by Nathan Crowder, honorable mention in Best Horror of the Year #3
  • Lollo by Martin Livings, nominated for 2010 Aurealis Award for Best Horror short story
  • Lollo by Martin Livings, Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2010 honorable mention
  • Dead Letter Drop by Pete Kempshall, Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2010 honorable mention

  • Review by a reader.
  • Colonial Gothic: The Ross-Allen Letter, RPG supplement, Rogue Games, April 2010. DriveThruRPG or Kindle.

  • Review by Jaym Gates
  • The Prince of Artemis V, short fiction, Crossed Genres magazine, January 2010. Issue 15.
    Grants Pass, anthology, Morrigan Books, August 2009. Amazon | Kindle

  • Winner of the Australian Shadows award for editing, 2010

  • Review by Chuck McKenzie.
  • Review by David Conyers on Albedo One
  • Review by Ann Wilkes on